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  • Who & what we are, Our ministry is by faith, reaching out the poorest of the poor, the street children, natives and less fortunate in the Philippines thru "Social & Gospel Action'
  • We are living in the last days, in the ending days
  • We have a very committed and faithful “Youth Group” namely “I am for Christ” established in 2012. With the help of this youth Group we distributed more than 5000, Bibles among many Hindu and Muslim families in 2013, 2014, and this is all we do in
  • I am so glad that He is using such a weak instrument like me to glorify God. We need your prayers to continue this mission. In Christ Pastor Mehboob Dilshad
  • Please pray for our team and pray for Pakistan.

제호 : Acts29Times | 사업자등록번호 : 574-94-01187 | 등록번호 : 서울. 아53308
등록일 : 2019. 09. 09 | 발행인 겸 편집인 : 김희범 |
청소년보호책임자 : 김사라
주소 : (07048) 서울특별시 동작구 양녕로 185 | 대표전화 : 070-8095-1301 |
편집국 : (070) 8095-1301 | e-mail :

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